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Columns Lyrics

Lil Ugly Mane – Columns Lyrics

Social self-obsessive species, everything is peachy
Having cyber interactions, get erections from the TV
Vocal bout opinions bout elections up in DC
With a total lack of knowledge, rope around your neck was easy
Chemical complaint, deformity machine
Skin eraser, loss creator, poison that you breathe
Traitor, parasite, xenophilic golden boy
Seen him with a soy product, wrote the Village Voice about it
Tell me conclusions to stories I don't have time for
Situations with the information missing, misinformed
We've seen the same rain through separate systems, different storms
We're stacking bodies up in boxes in a distant war
I eat my vegetables, I like the broccoli
What is more fictitious, the gods or you and I?
You needs a court's admission, you think the cops comply?
I don't acknowledge systems, I never found it wise
I wasn't born to just support the shit that's palpable
I don't see Earth as disproportionally valuable
If there's a god, I'm sure his name is unpronounceable
If there's a hell, I'm sure we'll all be held accountable
I drew a portrait of Abraxis on a napkin
Sex has never given me an ounce of satisfaction
Life throws a lot of questions but I never ask them
Facts are human arrogance, we barely know a fraction
I don't know anything
(This is the way the world ends)
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