I love you gurl
And now you gone
Said gone away

Hurt and pain
It was hurtin me
Said hurt and pain
It was hurtin me

See I tried to settle down
Every time I called your name
You were never around nowhere be found
You would say you would never miss me
But you had a lot in me
You should of been honest
And never made da promise (keep ya happy gurl)
Wit not knowin u were havin second thoughts
And you were hopin I would never get caught
But it was you wit someone else
And you left me be myself
All alone on my own
Waitin for you
Wit shady tearz of a clown
Always tried to put me down
Never tried to cheer me up
But I got to make it stop
Baby girl you see all I wanted was a special relation (datz all I wanted)
But u was given me nothin
So once again you played me fur a fool
Never thought you would do da foolish thing dat you did
Played your part like a kid
Baby gurl we had it goin on but you always seen it wrong
But I'll make this song
Cuz itz bin a long time (long time)

Hurt and pain
We been together for so long
And now dat u done me wrong
Hurt and pain, O I love u gurl
Hurt and pain

Are you feelin a G
O you remember me
O you no aint nothin
But letz see believe me
We will see
Wut it iz to me
Or one in seatz?
Fillin wit passion and heat
In between da sheetz
Tear drops fall?
But I mean?
You burst like dream
Dat I mean you and me driftin in ecstasy
And plenty weed
Itz your mind, Itz your dream
You tell me and I will bring it
Jus tell me?
I wont cheat, I wont lie
Promise gurl jus let me try
It's ma love, Itz your life
Jus be mine, do wutz right
Gurl, your so fine, have slim thighz, if u wur mine
Plus your kind, it's ma time
Your everything I want in mine
Please don't cry
Hold your pride
Tell me how you feel inside
Forget about dat lonely life
Come back 2 me
It will be da same
I Promise gurl I will change
From playin those games
So no hurt or pain
No hurt or pain

Hurt and pain
We been together for so long
And now dat u done me wrong
Hurt and pain, O I love you gurl
Hurt and pain

Baby gurl you left me wit a frown
I was tryin to hold me down
I was ready to crown
So you could be ma queen
You were only 14 wen I met you
Remember wen I said if you wanna come over
But your parentz wouldn't let you
I bet you dat I will get da trust
Was it love or was it a lust
It wus a must
Baby yet itz fact baby gurl Why you askin
Why you had to change
Now you actin kinda strange to me
You got me thinkin me and you were never to be
So listen to me
I hope you feelin wut I'm sayin
Cuz I'm here everyday
I'm here 2 stay
But I not?
Cuz we goin threw some stuff
Baby gurl I had enough
But itz ok
Cuz it will be another day
I'm on ma way (I'm on ma way)
To call your name
One more time
And I hope you give up everything for me
Like I did for you
Cuz itz tru
Baby gurl I still love u
And I do

Hurt and pain
We been together for so long
And now dat u done me wrong
Hurt and pain, O you love u gurl
Hurt and pain

O no no no, O no no no
O no no no, I loved u gurl
Now you gone away
Wishin you will stay
Now you in ma mind
All of da time
O no no no, Hurtin me
Hurt, Said Hurt and pain
Said Hurt and pain
Hurt and pain
And it hurts me so bad
And I can feel da pain
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Hurt And Pain Lyrics

Lil' Tweety – Hurt And Pain Lyrics