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Gone Lyrics

Lil Scrappy – Gone Lyrics

Go ahead and buck den, stop trippin' actin' like you scared to buck

[Chorus: x3]
You can buck if you want to buck mothafucka (git gone)
And be an example for them other suckers (gone gone)

I really ain't givin' a fuck and even if I did,
I still wouldn't even hesitate to split yo wig, pop back
In the whip like ain't nothin' happened
It'll appear as magic I disappear in traffic,
A lot of folks goin' hate 'cause they know I'm a fool
And they know I'm the shit, I finally got out the school,
If I spit out the tools, I'll spit out the blues,
Don't bug it and confuse, I will not lose,
I come through on shoes and why two hoes choose,on you
Know who,I have no clue,
I just do what I do, I just know what I know,
I'm a tell you once nigga don't fuck wit Bo

[Chorus: x2]

Straight leggin' up on folks wit the double digits,
I'll hit yo ass so hard, feel like tearin' midgets,
Man what if you say you don't like me,
But I don't take deadly threats so likely,I'm a G,take
It to the streets, it's about to go down when I pull the heat,
If you can't stand my click you can kiss my ass (kiss ma ass)
Fuck around make you jump in the grass,
But that ain't it and that ain't all,
My name is scrappy I love to brawl,
Got's to say that I'm a hard head,
Got best in my blood 'cause I'm a thoroughbred

[Chorus: x2]

We bout to crank it up city to city,let me know if you wit' it,
If the girl is pretty,could you show us
Some titties, if the hoes are silly,
If the hoes are dilly, put the hoes to a coast where they ? bin business,
I'm a country legend GA I'm reppin', I pull ma weapon,
They girl ain't nothin', she blew my brains,
Bitch do your thing, got the pussy before I knew yo name,
Most niggaz are fake, most niggaz are hate,
They can't wait, they try to take what's on yo plate,
What you thank this is must not thank dis real,
I pull the steel, don't you think yo cap can't get killed

[Chorus: x2]
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