Intro: yeah lets go Lil sammy up in this

Hook: yeah we know we sufferin x8

I get pussy erryday
I eat pussy with a spoon
I am a groom
Make this a tune
This aint a race but I'm number 1
I shoot in her face she loves all that kum
She is a prostitue she has no education
I stay strapped and loaded I man my station
After I leave her she needa go to the salon
These songs are droppin bombs
I'm fucking all there moms
I'll shoot with my glock
I am what you are not
I have no fuckin heart
69 is my art
Bitch ass niggas kickin me outta class
I gotta pass what I gotta pass
I fuck her in the ass
What iss her body mass
My flow is like a rash
I have a disease it's called real nigga
You don't want me to pull that trigga

Sit down and listen
I played for piston
My girl I'm missin

Hook: yeah we know we sufferin x10

[Verse 2:]:

Dkmg they know wassup
We hit em up
Don't show love for thots see em on the block
When I come to kill you'll hear a knock
Blood and injuries you'll see a mark
My dick bigger than noahs ark
I eat the pussy like a shark
I'm anti social
Fuckin is crucial
February at hooters
This nigga need a tutor
My voice done need a tuner
I'm from seatown
I'm in that pussy
And I'm about to drown
Ya nigga look like a clown
The rain goes down
And I guess it's over now
Dolla & me finna get signed
Look at me now I'm not even tryin
There slowly dien
There inside is cryin
We fuckin fightin
We are almighty
We in this together
It gets better and better
I'll send you a letter
My homies are teathered
Ima fly with 1 feather

Hook: yeah we know we sufferin x15
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Suffering Lyrics

Lil Sammy – Suffering Lyrics

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