verse:: 1 It's::
the gangsta M-E-X-I-C-A-N Back
with the rhyme that'll blow your mind that you wanna hear again Because
you can't get enough of the Brown Crowd That
is so rough and so tough Crazy
bad wicked the worst and when I'm through When
I rewind a verse So
you could go ahead and try to put me down But
I was told don't let no one get you down And
never wear a frown It's
Lil' Rob the Chicano and proud one Competition
none {beat stops} But
wait I'm not done {beat resumes} Fuckin
it up like this especially for the Brown So
orale suvale in the Brown side of town Don't
be shy bump that s t**homey And
Sir Crown why don't you mix in the oldie The
hay'll keep the s t**bouncin' I
got the jealous vatos time 'cause I got the hyna'z shoutin over lil Rob One
of many Mexicano poets but not saying that I'm king Down
for the brown I'll show it cause I know it is The
Brown Crowd vida esta loco thing And
I'm the Mexican gangsta born with the badness You
think you could rap b h***You
still can't fuckin match this A
little vato goin for the gusto It's
called the Brown Crowd just thought I'd let you know so Listen
to the sounds of the brownest and you will find Chicano
sounds are the downest Cause
we don't f k**around and that you should know Brown
Crowd with the sounds of the Brown for the barrio Should
I say I'm back or should I say that I'm still here Sounds
of the Brown is sounding good to my ear We
are getting down so you might as well admit it And
if you're talkin s t**then you might as well quit it The
Mexican gangster having an oh w having fun by the night ain't done It's
time for the hit and run But
you best believe I'm Brown and proud (Brown and proud) It's
called the Brown Crowd (f
k**yeah )!-Chorus

2X- Brown
Crowd Chicano we're proud and proud to be Brown Got
the Brown Crowd got, the got, the Brown Crowd Brown
Brown, Crowd Chicano we're proud and proud to be Brown Got
the Brown Crowd bumpin' loud verse

:: 2 I::
don't usually tear this competition But
when I hear some bad a s** t**I've got to represent myself better Cause
I can't let a silly sucka think he could rap betta than me So
I get up firme style that you gotta rewind Chicano
sounds are the downest you will find When
it comes to a rolla Brown Crowd controla How
do you know because Lil' Rob told ya Comin'
straight from the man with the wicked mind All
the time comin out with sick and twisted rhymes But
at the same time I got the hyna's meltin With
the crazy love slow, rappin I
got the vatos mad because I got the hyna's shoutin I
don't give a s t**cause jealousy will neva quit It
never seems to amaze All
the tension I raise and for this I get paid Ask
me if I care and I'll say no Ask
me if I've changed I'm
still the same kid from the barrio But
there's one point that I have to make See
if you ask somebody s t**you gotta ask me Cause
there's too many rumors going around About
Lil' Rob and the crowd is Brown Hyna's
sayin' I'm conceited but I don't need it I'm
callin you a fuckin mensa if you want to believe it So
it's like you got your own choice mija Without
fans I wouldn't be nothin' so you know I need ya I
started rappin' now people don't let me live Some
people don't want me livin' Their
threats is what I'm given I
don't know why cause I think I'm a nice guy Sometimes
mad most of the time on my natural high And
if you know me you know that's how I am It's
called the Brown Crowd the life of this Mexican -Chorus

2x- verse

:: 3 Back::
with verse three so let me kick it I'm
gonna make it quick sly slickful wicked To
let you know otra ves that I won and you lost If
you find me repeating something it's to get my point across To
get my point across to, get my point across To
all you levas who couldn't catch it You
can't match it even though you try to snatch it A
style from a lil' vatos who won't let go of a flow smooth suavacito And
to you rappers who say I can't rap I'm
passin you up with the quickness Cause
you're on my shitlist You
see I know what I'm doing ese But
only if you knew holmes what I'm gonna do holmes Trip
out as I go on with the funky flow as I flow flow flow on I'm
dropping competition to the floor Because
I got more bounce much more So
let me f k**it up for the gente As
I'm rappin' bottoms up on the Presidente Cause
there's a party in the town tonight But
am I through s t**not quite Yeah
holmes the Brown Crowd's the best This
jam is called the Brown Crowd now wait for the rest -Chorus

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Brown Crowd Lyrics

Lil Rob – Brown Crowd Lyrics