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Team Lyrics

Lil Reese – Team Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Who got that drink, I need that drink (that drink)
Who got that smoke, I need that stink (that stink)
Oh that's your bitch? That girl fucking the team (the team)
Oh that's your girl? That bitch fucking the team (the whole team)

Who got that drink, who got that drink?
That shit that you stir up and it turn pink
I'm on my block and bitch I do my thing
Catch a opp in traffic we gon' do our thing
Catch me off in traffic bitch I got that nin, that thing
Pull up on yo' block, fucking lay the scene
Pull up on yo' block and make a big scene
300 shit and OTF, bitch thats the team, what you mean?
Hit a nigga with the MAC, cause we don't really give a fuck
We out here on the grind and we'll stick yo' ass up
Yo' ass a stain boy, you ain't nothing to us
You might as well give it up when we running up


Ride around with 30's, them my favorite things
Fuck that drink we out here and we ain't playing the same
Better make it count, don't shoot if you ain't got aim
My niggas on yo' ass and best believe they got aim
We ain't playing fair, that mean that ain't the same
Different leader, different league, that's a different gang
OTF and 300 that's what I claim
GBE and 300 that's what I claim, you a lame
You get banged, where I'm from we got aim
Shoot a nigga with that thing and run up in his thing
You a stain, my niggas they no fucking lames
We don't play no games, we only aim for the brain

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