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Love Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

Lil Reese – Love Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Reese]
300 shit, man, One fifty!
Lil Reese and Lil Bibby
It's ya boy Lil Reese checking in
You rocking with my nigga DJ Bandz
300 or nothing, Hood Rich, bitch

[Verse 1: Lil Bibby]
I done seen so much, I'm scarred for life
Me and my money gone ball for life
My nigga Credo got charged with life
Guns on my sides so I'm armed for life
And my young niggas still hittin' kick door
Every four bars needa' switch flows
You knew your fucking mans was a snitch though
So why the hell you took him for a lick for?
I don’t fuck with these hoes or these bitch ass niggas
Every time I pull up on my dick ass niggas
Damn, I just wanna be a rich ass nigga
Chasing these hoes, better get cash, nigga
And the bitch that I'm with say she love me
Bitch, you only love this money, I promise you if shit get ugly
She'll up and leave and say, “fuck me!”
But I ain't even tripping, I'mma keep it pimping
They mad cause a young nigga stacking all these digits
Worried 'bout other niggas acting like some these bitches
If the rap don’t work, then we on the block tipping

[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
If rap don't work then we on the block tripping
Out here tryna' to get it, tryna' get it how we get it
Niggas claiming shit, and they really ain't with it
Lotta' of niggas claiming shit and they really ain't with it
Fucked your bitch now she talking 'bout she love me
Bitch, I only love this money, play with me, shit gonna get ugly
Knock 'em down, hit his ass with some chunky
And I'm still on that block I call six-four
Everybody know me, the youngest kid though
Now all of a sudden everybody with the shits though
But then again them niggas ain't on shit though
Pull up do a hit, that's ugly
Every nigga you see with me shooting for me
Fuck the law, flee the scene, that's ugly
But I'm only chasing after money
Get in my way then I'm getting on dummy
Sucker, get in my way then I'm getting on dummy
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