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Freestyle Lyrics

Lil Reese – Freestyle Lyrics

Finna be over with, watch this
They told me like, get back to where I used to be, like
Like, I done elevated
My shit done got, way better
So, like I ain't even looking back

[Verse 1: Lil Reese]
Stop playin' with the gang like, folks and them ain't bout that
Come sleep at a nigga crib, right where his house at
I mean, let's take a nap, don't move, got my pipe, got the tool
Niggas think it's sweet, 'til we pull up 40 deep
With like 50 guns
Everybody got a tool, bitch, you better run
Everybody pack a tool, I'm from Lamron
064, yeah that be the block
Yeah, our shit hot
Can't come through, you might get popped
Or get your foreign whip, turned to a drop-top
Get your top popped
Straight up on that damn block
They know I don't fuck with opps
They know we be sendin' shots

I mean shit, if I take it back like, like five, six years, man
Everybody still on the block and shit
We just out there like, we just in it, like
No niggas in the city like us, not one
No lil niggas, no young niggas, no big niggas, like
We the only ones really out here
Lost a lot of real niggas to the Police
Lost a lot of real niggas to the streets
RIP them guys, free them guys, man
That shit hurt, on foe nem
'Lot of niggas ain't even expect it to be like this
I'ma keep it going, though

[Verse 2: Lil Reese]
Gotta keep this shit, goin' for my brother and them
Even for my mother and them
Got my sister and them too
My lil baby, I'ma take care of her too
Niggas fu, yeah I know what it do
If you my mans, then you my mans, act like it, fool
Don't be on that snake shit, when I slide through
Don't be on that fake shit, when I ride through

[Second Bridge]
Haha, like fake ass shit, like, like, you know
Like talking behind your brother back and shit
Running around, to your guys, that's gon' come back and tell
Even running your mouth to bitches, cause all that shit get back
Like running your mouth to bitches, too, everything get back
Just know, everything that, happen in the dark
I promise you that shit shine in the light
And that shit coming straight to the light
Feel me?
So it's like basically, you got to watch what you do
Watch what you say, shit

All that slick talkin' and sneak dissin' will get you hurt
That shit ain't gon' get you on, get you murked
Get your face put up on a t-shirt
A rest in peace shirt
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