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FACTS Lyrics

Lil Reese – FACTS Lyrics

On that, on that, on that money
On that money
On that money

On that money that's a fact
Since I pulled up in a back
I've been really off the pack
Really rolling off the pack
Hollow tips all in my MAC
I lead nigga [?]
If he tweakin think it's stack
Let 'em know, no this ain't that
What you talkin' it ain't facts
I don't wanna hear that shit
I just hit another lick
I just caught another wick
And if y'all diamonds do not gliss
I don't wanna see that shit
Growin' up I can't resist
Had to be the man in shit
Had to make some plans and shit
Had to get them bands and shit
Clap you and your mass for this
I ain't with that fans shit
But I love my fans for this
Pullin' up with extra clips
So Casey got some extra lips
I'mma make them extra dip
We don't dummy, we don't dummy
We don't dummy that's a fact
I got niggas, bitches on my land
You can get 'em back
And we don't fall down we [?] rock
You can get a back
And if you hear somethin' about me ask me
I'll tell you the fact
Ain't with that cappin' shit get back
Put a cap up in your cab
Youngest fuck my [?]
I couldn't go to mama house, so I went to grandma house
Knowin' grams would whoop my ass
Had to get up off my ass
Had to come up for some cash
So I came up brought some cash
Ran that shit up real fast
Niggas gon' run real fast if they tweak [?]
And I was raised in the jungle so a snake can only hiss
Yea I was made in a jungle I mean the snake ain't really shit

Haha, I said I was raised in a jungle so a snake can only hiss (Hisss)
I was raised in a jungle so a snake ain't really shit man
I mean y'all get me man, [?] 300 man we in the fuckin' buildin'
It's a fucking drill
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