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Rookie Lyrics

Lil Nas X – Rookie Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Get it Get it, i went and did it again
Rip it Flip it they say i’m switching on friends
They say i’m trippin, forestalling myself within
I only trip when i trip and fall in that benz

Imma bake the feature for the right pricing
Cake the beat i’m just the right icing
See i’m inspired by Neil Degrasse Tysons
They inspired by squealers that’s doing lifings

I get 3 hours of sleep
Just to get better
These cowards
They out here sour at me
Petty vendettas
I ain’t ate right
Or took a pee
Waitin' for cheddar
Workin' late night
Oh it’s just me
David the letter-man

So i'll be damned if i let a pussy take it from me
I'm the man i'm the rookie finna' make the money
I make em' dance throw ya hands up and shake it for me
I’m advanced man my fans out here waitin' for me (x2)

[Verse 2]
I’m doing better so petty shit i just let it go
I’m more focus on leaving sofas to mexico
Touring Europe and Africa buzz around the globe
Nas can not get back to ya bitch the sound of dough....

Is all that i hear
Bitch i’m really spittin' now, this is my career
Shoutout to the labels flaking on me
Fuck they ears
You just lost ya best player Bron' and Caviliers
Dissapear! Uh!

I came to do it
I came to fucking peruse it
They showin' love in this bitch
Cuz' i’m blowin' up and they knew it would happen
In this rappin' i’m the new captain
I sat back perfected my craft while niggas was laughing

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