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Soldier 4 $ Lyrics

Lil Gray – Soldier 4 $ Lyrics

Money, ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Thought I told you had a plan, ayy
I thought I told you made a, hey, hey
Hold up, wait, we had a plan, hey
I just want you, not your friend, huh, hey
Thought I told you had a plan, ayy, ayy (Ayy Terk)
Thought I told you I'm the man, hah, yeah (Sparkheem)

[Verse 1]
I get in and make more money, I want them bands, I don’t need a friend
I told my brother, he keep it coming, need to do this shit again
They can't interrupt my flow 'cause I’ma blow just like the wind
And I ain't even start the show but they can't wait for it begin
Them junkies askin' who the man, told them people I am
Go overseas and drop a check, if life a game, then I win
She really feel that I'm the best, only hickies on her neck
I swear you see me on the jet, I'm in the trap just like a nest

Soldier for hire
I'm a soldier for hire, I'm a soldier for money
I’m a soldier for money
Gotta go to them hundreds, so you should start to runnin’
I'm a soldier for money
I’m a soldier for money
I'm a soldier for life
I'm a soldier, I'm a soldier

[Verse 2]
Keep my mind on the money
Keep my mind on my grind, sellin’ Perkies for the high, high
I need money, not no friend, keep my mind on my grind
Bust a check back then I win, these niggas love to waste their time
Bitch, I keep money on the line, told your bitch to dutty wine
I'm doin' drugs that's hard to find, got so much shit stuck on my mind
Hi, hi, hi
Heart stuck on igloo
I'm blowin' up, I feel just like a missile
They gon' talk down on you, you not official
Don't make me draw down on you, blow with the whistle
With hollow tip rounds on you, I got an issue
And them niggas you call homie not gonna miss you
Telekinesis your spirit, I lift you
He act like he with it, he just a statistic
Stick came with switches, I shoot, go ballistic
I rock out like fitness, got dipped for an image
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