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Single Mother Lyrics

Lil Flip – Single Mother Lyrics

Yeah-yeah-yeah, ay let's win a Grammy with this one
Let's go woo-woo, this for all the single mothers out there
Coming straight from your boy Fliperaci, the number one fly boy
I done took y'all to the club, I done took y'all to the streets
Fin to make you think, pay attention let's go

[Lil' Flip:]
When we was kids, we wasn't worried about the bills
It was all about the ice cream, and rolling down hills
Look boy meets girl, the next day he wanna kiss
He make it to third base, but the condom wouldn't fit
And guess who bust in, the lil' girl's daddy
And you know black folks, he beat the lil' girl's ass
Now her stepmom mad, she like send her back
Cause I don't want my real daughter, growing up like that
I tired to tell you last year, when you bought that phone
And you don't know what she doing, when we ain't at home
In these days, the kids looking older now
So a grown man, might tap you on the shoulder now

This about a lil' mama too, if pop was here
I know it's hard to raise a child, and maintain a career
This a message, to all the single mothers in the world
(don't be wasting all your time)
And if a coward get you pregnant, and he don't wanna help
Don't get stressed out, you can do it by yourself
Cause you a strong woman girl, enjoy your life
And no matter what they say, keep your head to the sky

[Lil' Flip:]
Now it's eight years later, ery'body seventeen
But everything changed, since Kim left the scene
Now her laid back man, moving crackular
You want a ki, you gotta meet him at the back of the store
But guess who saw who, at the club that night
After exchanging phone numbers, somebody started a fight
Now ery'body running, so Kim ran with him
That's when she said you a playa, why you ain't leaving with them
That's when he said I want you, I been waiting for you
What you say we get a room, just me and you
After too much liquor, one thang led into another
But you know where he messed up, he told her he loved her


[Lil' Flip:]
Now it's two months later, that nigga disappeared
Meanwhile Kim at home, trying to wipe away her tears
Befo' she gave it up, he use to call daily
Another month passed by, now she going crazy
She popping up at clubs, she even keyed his car
That's when she got the phone call, bitch you went too far
Oh now you calling back, cause your car got scratched
You said you loved me, I can't believe I fell for that
Damn, I shoulda known you was a pig anyway
Look my stomach been hurting, and my friend kinda late
Wait, I took a test at least three or four times
But you know what cowards say, it ain't mine

And I know you tired, of hearing that man
A real man take responsibility, for his seeds
This for every single mother, whether you white or black
It don't matter, you know I'm saying
Ery'body can't be born rich, you know I'm saying
I come from the hood, I made some'ing out of nothing
You know I'm saying, everytime I do a concert
It's females in the front row, after the show
They like sign my autograph, so I can get back home
My kids gotta go to school, you know I'm saying
So if you taking care of your child, by your damn self
Keep doing your damn thang, if Fantasia can do the shit
Anybody can do it, you dig what I'm saying
Straight up, holla back
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