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We Ball Lyrics

Lil Durk – We Ball Lyrics

Fuck a footage, Nuski died in my face
I knew I lost my family, I seen the color of the tape
His mama still mad, so I gave her a break
Break, bitch
Her OG's starting to think that I'm fake
Chino, Asap, Pluto, Moski, Tayski, I can't live without them
Gutta, that's Zoo brother
I don't know him, but heard a lot about him
Get smoked if you caught without it
Thinkin' 'bout a pass, I doubt it
Opps took so many factors, had to go and buy some choppers
Niggas killed your homie, you ain't even ride
Me and Booka from the Lam back to Steve Drive
Folk 'nem extra
Folk 'nem four, five deep
On Pluto, Folk 'nem desperate
Shooting shit with no mask on
Fuck it 'cause Folk 'nem catching
Have a kickback on your block
We poppin' in every way
Why he keep on talking like we won't turn him into a day?
Niggas snake me once, then it's fuck niggas
And you know we Muslim, so they had to keep the blood in 'em
This will knock you cold, ain't nobody put no slugs in 'em
Smoking on that Zeko, Fat Head, Tutu, Tooka, Lil Marc, Jojo
Yes, we do it! (Gang)

Doo-doo (Ooh, ooh)

L'A lost his blood, nigga
If it was me, the one, they always had star, nigga
And we was having heart to heart discussions
Long nights in them trenches, shootouts bussin'
Fuck the opps, we smoke Brick up in the lobby
Got five brothers, they down for them bodies
Nobody told
Six ain't got no love in 'em
Niggas out here spelling loyal, ain't got love in it
These niggas bold
Lil Boo told me how it was, nigga
All eyes on us, don't trust niggas
I feel his soul
Pull that AK, let up
Ain't a opp out here I'm letting up on
Stello died for this shit, ain't letting up on 'em
And I cried for that shit, this shit heavy on me (yeah)

Free all my brothers, I gotta go get 'em
Can't tell you the story 'cause I'ma die with 'em
You beefing with Folk 'nem, I cannot get in it
If it's not a foreign, I cannot get in it
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Made this shit when I was all in my feelings
In school, we posted up all in the building
Your homie had told, but that's not my business (he told)
Niggas be trippin'
Lil nigga, you know what you did
It's crazy, I heard you be fucking with kids
(Yeah, heard you fucking with kids)
(Murder, murder)
Nigga, we ballin'
Money to the jail, lawyers and bail
Money to the side to the side 'case they be callin'
I'ma press one, niggas be dodging

We don't do this often
Catch a opp and off him
Nigga we ball
Yeah, yeah
600, 600 (600), Snitch-K
600 (600)
600 (600)
Snitch-K (Snitch-K)
600 (600)
300 (300)
300 (300)
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