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Blika Blika Lyrics

Lil Durk – Blika Blika Lyrics

Dy Krazy (Let's get it)
You not like that, y'all goin' off a name y'all had before (Bitch)
Say he came wrong, but when I pop out cuts, he getting low (Ayy, come here)
I'm out of town, but you know what it is, I get that load (What it is)
Ayy, Khali, Khali, bring me one of them Percs, broski
Damn, bitch, I got three left (Man, what?)

Why you talking like you that? You really a sneaky disser (Really a sneaky disser)
You be talking like a killer, you don't even keep your pistol (You don't even keep your pistol)
Oh, yeah, Lil Durk, you a snake, you said you'll kill your niggas (I did)
He ain't my dawg no more, he an opp now, see him, get the blicka (Yeah)
​iPhone chopper, get to flicking, he a bitch, I keep my distance (Keep my distance)
You outside for no damn reason tryna take some pictures (You tryna take some pictures)
You tryna take a Perc' (Tryna take a Perc')
I'm tryna take your niggas (I'm tryna take your niggas)
Why niggas playing with Durk? (Huh?)
Like I don't stand on business (Let's get it)
Pill got me in no auto mode (No auto)
Tools like Autozone (Let's get it)
He seened an opp and kept on moving like he ain't got opps no more (You a pussy)
I heard that lil' shit that you said, just gon' shot no more (Doon-don)
Don't call me tryna explain yourself, I ain't tryna talk no more
They gon' run in your motherfuckin' house (They gon' run in your motherfuckin')
This gon' happen every fucking time you run your motherfucking mouth (Run your motherfuckin')
Why you steady asking for my car like you be sliding? (Huh?)
On the 'Gram like you be lurking, knowing damn well you hiding (Pussy)
Heard the feds tried to sign you to a deal, I heard you signed it
Stopped my passport at the airport, had to go and cop a private (Yoom)
It ain't hard to find me (Nope)
The trenches made me grimy (Why?)
Opps made it cool for backdoor, got me slimy
Ran out of pills, I need some more, I be riding
Forty-eight 'em up from head to toe, he need dialysis
Heard you went to court and you stood up (You stood up)
Every time a nigga die, you get put up (You get put up)
Don't gotta ask me what I am, I throw my hood up (Throw my hood up)
Take who chain from off who neck? Nigga, good luck (Nigga, good luck)
Yeah (Man, what?)

Blicka blicka (Blicka), blick his ass, yeah, yeah
Blicka blicka (Blicka), blick his ass, yeah, yeah
Blicka blicka (Blicka), yeah, blick his ass, yeah, yeah
Blicka blicka (Blicka), yeah, blick his ass, gang
Blicka blicka, talkin' blick his ass, yeah, yeah
Blick him, blick him, yeah, blick his ass, gang, gang
Blicka blicka, blick his ass, shit
Blicka blicka, shit, I blicked his ass, gang
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