Fuck tha money fuck tha hoes s***s not right what are you gona do I am in a
Fight what did you do I don't know my Future not bright when me and my dogs
Are in a fight all I have to say is fuck tha world I got bills up tha ass
And I got dogs trying to kill hommie I shot to thrill watch out don't spill
And I am on a pill and I can't get over tha hill isint that hell hommie I
Ring a bell than I fell shit fuck tha world I am all for kill hommies wana
Die shit I wouldint even cry hommies wishin they had lifes and pussy niggas
Telling lies fuck it don't hate I know you can relate thanks for listning
Lil D for life
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F**k Tha World Lyrics

Lil D – F**k Tha World Lyrics