It was December 24, I was chilling up town
I was posted on a... Tree, it went down
And somebody over roof, so I looked in the air
I seen that dude in all red, with 12 reindeers
I say it am I tripping, he gots to be slipping
Rolling it's the... He gots to be tripping
As soon as I seen that the boy fell fast
And when he fell down you would have thought he was dead
I went to go help him put the ball straight down
I picked up his wallet it was Louis Vuitton, for real?
I looked at his I'd and guess what it read
It read North Pole and the name was Saint...
And then I took a pause, I said it's Santa Clause
All this money in his wallet he got it going on
And Chuckee ain't a thief so I told uncle...

Said I gots a guy to... With a ladder by the tree

It's Christmas time in New Orleans
Mama cooking... Mac and cheese
Salt... Peppers... So we still in some
... Man we playing space boys going down up in here
And this is how we do It every time of the year
And I don't know how y'all do it but it's love up in here

Thank god for the year, one more the family
This love make the world go round
You feel me take off...
If you know somebody like that, help them out with something
It's better to give than receive,
Cause everybody don't got it like you got it...
Let's have a toast, cheers
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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Christmas In New Orleans Lyrics

Lil Chuckee – Christmas In New Orleans Lyrics