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Start From Scratch Free Sytle Lyrics

Lil Boosie – Start From Scratch Free Sytle Lyrics

If I could take it all bac...

If I could take it all bac I wouldn't change shyt same 3 bby mama's same
Cross da track click same uncle still tlkin dat shyt same real niggas still
Takin mi lick's if I could bring daddy bac 2 da first day should of told
Lil ivy stay home 4 his birthday same main man same gutta bytch thank god
Tee you aint get caught up n this gutta shyt me n sassy I regret da nite I
Meet webbie all this shyt was a blessin

If I could take it all bac fuc surp fuck weed fuck birds tryin make da
World swerve I wish I could bring cash money bac get mi bean-ma bac even
Drop a fuckin signal wit mac I wish avina had her son bac n daddy never
Touch crack n donkey never saw a gack I wish mi nigga d-d could of called
Me n told me what da deal was I problay could of help em unh unh hun same ol
Child hood same ol mama same ol cubby c-o same hood rat hoes

If I could start mi life from scratch n
If I could take away da pain off mi bac
If I could make a changes I could do just dat
I give ere dang just 2 go ryte bac (2*)

Same gangsta musik tape bangin n mi jet same wayne gang chain hangin
(Hangin) off mi neck same high skool man Mckinley was da spot same old
Cross rova same 3 parent's shot's if I could take all bac from da start
Never fuckd wit hug n smart never touch same ban-dana hangin from mi
Mirror I dnt regret none of da bond's I made 4 mi nigga's same hustlin
Skills main man on this blk shyt same hood ways this bottom n this top shyt
Nigga's who I rock wit now I dnt rock wit I dnt regret nuffin (doug) we all
Made a pride fit if I could bring bac mi homies shidd shyt would b
Different no more pill poppin ere body start gettin it flashin coat were a
Nigga set it off wish I had a nova stash like keywon hall
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