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(4am) Loops Lyrics

LiL BO WEEP – (4am) Loops Lyrics

After all this pain I've endured
I still suffer this abuse
Now I just feed your destruction
And watch at your amuse.
From this cancer that eats away at me
I guess its no surprise
I'm a corpse in disguise
With no where to hide.
With nothing to gain, I receive all the pain
I search for my way to make things okay
Just obstacles that tie the same
I could try to survive this game.
Who are you to lie
Who are you to hide behind that high
Of your self obsessed mind.
I'm not weak, I'm not afraid, I'm not scared
I could try to make things okay, but id have to go away.
I'm scared to release
I'm scared of beneath
I'm scared of you and I'm scared of we
I make moments into time and you make time into misery, how can I wake up from this bad dream one without you or me
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