I'd like to take this time to say...
That the years we seen are passing...
After trying years, sometimes full of tears
There's isn't a time we change our minds...

I said, I gotta keep my head above water
I've been going hard, gotta go a little water
I've been thinking smart, gotta think a little smarter
All I know is hustle, get that shit regardless
I said, I gotta keep my head above water
Catch me in the kitchen, I be whippin' with the water
Family over niggas
Blood thicker than water
All I know is hustle, get that shit regardless

[Verse 1: Lil Bibby]
Real hustler, I'ma get that shit regardless
I will not starve, bitch!
Work hard my palms itch!
I seen some garbage that fucked up my conscience
Niggas, they talk shit, but these niggas harmless
I'm fresh up out that field
I swear this shit is real
I, run up in the bank, like bump for the bills
Remember as a kid, wasn't shit up in the fridge
Rob you for your ends
I don't regret the shit I did
Made it out that struggle,
Blame it on the hustle
Bet it all done doubled
Don't fuck with me, then fuck you!
Nigga, I don't trust you!
Momma good, I love you!
R.I.P my soldiers,
I swear I do this for you!


[Verse 2: Lil Bibby]
In the kitchen, I'm a chemist
With the water, I be whippin'
And these youngins', they be snitchin'
If you start it, I'ma finish
Went hard from the beginning
I think that I'm the realest
I'm tryna make a killing
These hustlers gotta feel it!
Hustle is in my blood
Money, cars, drugs
Post up with my thugs
Do this for the love
Nickels, dimes and dubs
To the streets I lost my cuz!
Feel like I don't give a fuck!
Sometimes I need a hug,
But I'm all alone
Bibby stay strong!
These niggas want me gone
I'm gripping on that chrome
These bitches know I'm on,
That's why they hit my phone
And I'm in my zone!
Bitch, just leave me alone!

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Water Lyrics

Lil Bibby – Water Lyrics