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Blue Tips Lyrics

Lil Baby – Blue Tips Lyrics

[Pre-Chorus: Lil Baby]
4x4 shit you know what I'm sayin
Blue Wraith, you know what I'm sayin
Blue Nelson, Blue tips

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
Blue tip, blue strip
Ridin around in the city in a new motherfucka', (Skrrt)
Who the fuck is you motherfucka'
Get to the motherfuckin loot motherfucka'
If the police pull me over, I'mma shoot motherfucka'
I done had to shoot motherfuckas'
Everything new motherfucka'
And the booth on the motherfuckin truth motherfucka'
I'm stuck on the paper chase
Fell in love with how money taste
I'm being honest, I'm keeping it real
Its somethin' bout how these blue hunnits feel
Stayed down and ran me my bills up, (uh, uh)
They wanna chill, (oh)
Double cup and it refill, (oh, yeah)
Yeah, I'm sippin' promethazine

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
I had to do what I had to do, (had to do)
If I was you I'd be mad at who, (mad at who)
I bought a coupe painted it matte blue, (matte blue)
I throw the brick like a alley oop
She looking bad why I'm diggin' it
I got broke toes, ain't no kickin' it
If I'm talking to you then it's beneficial
Every nigga with me yeah they been a killa'
I'm on that high-tech fade yeah
Got on these chains like a modern day slave
I just pulled up in a Wraith
I don't give a fuck what a nigga gotta say

[Chorus: Lil Baby]

[Verse 2: Ever]
They said my ________ a flight
Rich, tryna give my mom no more of them night shifts
They said that everything got a price
But I swear to God that loyalty priceless
Can't wait til my dog come home
Just bought a new tee that shit is Vlone
Niggas be wellin' I know that they clones
Niggas was actin like lions, they snakes all along
How you gon ride for that man, he gon die for himself
He ain't no gangsta he lied to himself
Momma keep sayin 'be proud of myself'
I know it was comin', no doubt in myself
I don't give a fuck how you feel
They went in feelin' me and I had nothin to give
Nigga I'm just keepin' it real
With Q and Baby we deep in the field

[Chorus: Lil Baby]

[Verse 3: Q Da Fool]
100 Round Goon, 100 Round Goon
Got the XD on my jeans
I keep it wet when I step on the scene
Lil nigga better be cool with the breeze
Ain't shit gon help when I say 2-2-3s
18 wheelers and its filled with OGs
18 years I old shot my first ARP
I want it up and I keep it up
Just bought a brick had to cook Justin Bieber up
UFC with the pack bitch I'mma beat it up, (uhh)
I'm on the beach and my feet they up
Fuck on yo bitch she gon' eat me up
_______ my strength like I robbed the Adidas truck
I might pop out with the Taurus
No cut on the work they adore us
2 hit behind me bitch I'm bout to floor it
Just put a molly brick up down the Florida
Plug got a hunnit' got caught at the border
_____ on New York and I smoked in the corner
And my bitch own a .50 you know I'mma spoil her

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
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