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Captin Savea Lyrics

Lil B – Captin Savea Lyrics

You know I go to the double o sea for, to the sea for in
The mixtape bitch that look like rico, often the east coast
Niggas know I got that real smoke, indoor for real though
Real joint the type of smoke that make your girl jump out the window
Her big boob bad, boom, can nobody seek in my lane
Driving myself off in the game
These city streets is many beef, but I stay player
Nothing major, gotta keep my game sharp, like it’s a razor
Pretty face with an Oakland booty, bitches love lil b
For the fact that he was choosing, chosen, of the game that fits me
And I was broken, of emotion, it’s xbox the game of life
And I control it,
You’re so cool, stay in school and stay focused
The bitches love me, I didn’t nodes
Going up legend, yeah, message, 32 exes
Say …coming grown, reck the man, into …
Bitch kiss my ass and my status, based god while you living average
I’m still in the hood, what’s good
A lot of niggas playing games and I don’t think you should
I raised the bar a little bit, fuck them dipshits ass benefits
I’m digging through …tryina find myself
Future coming, gotta rewind myself
I’m spitting, don’t miss it, I gotta stay laced up,
Lil b, Halloween h2o, welcome to the, you know
Nigga thug out mixtape, you know, keeping it based
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