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Booty Pics Lyrics

Lil B – Booty Pics Lyrics

Yeah you know that system overload
Sometimes, sometimes that disk get slow
Fuck it
Imma teach you niggas about booty pics
You know what I'm saying
You know first you get the money
They you get the bitches, then you get the hoes nigga
We got all that nigga
We got booty pics
Nigga if you ain't got no booty pics nigga you not doing nothing

Imma teach you bitch ass niggas about booty pics
I got 'bout hundred-fifty, 'bout thirty bitches
You don't know 'bout nothing nigga I got about two bitches
All my bitches send booty pics
If you don't got no booty pics you not no nigga
You ain't no real nigga if you ain't got no booty pics
I know a couple niggas that scam that got some booty pics
Tell your bitch to come take a pic
Yeah my nigga we out here flexing pics
All my niggas drive Bentley and got some booty pics
All my niggas drive Honda and got booty pics
My nigga in that Toyota Prious with some booty pics
Might as well go fuck that bitch and take some booty pics
That bitch sent me a couple booty pics
I'm fucking all these bitches but you don't know what it is
Fuck it my nigga I remember the bitch off of booty pics
I got some hoes that got booty pics
All my niggas out here, we fucking we take a trip
All I want is some booty pics
All my niggas got them booty pics
Fuck it me and my niggas go and take a trip
Out in Mexico my nigga fucking a bitch
Me and my nigga got some booty pics
Fuck it
Fuck it my nigga we ain't gonna scam
My nigga still got them booty pics
Flexing on them cars my nigga done took a trip
Fifty bands my nigga done got a trip
Fuck it my niggas gotta take a trip
Tell that bitch send some booty pics
We love that bitch send them booty pics

My baby you look so good
Love baby, I love you too
My baby
Rocking in we rock with you
My baby what, what it do
Let's go shopping

Me and my niggas out here with the strip
Fuck it, told that bitch take some booty pics
Yeah me and my niggas out here on a trip
Fuck it bitch
Tell that bitch take some booty pics
Me and my niggas out here with a trip
Take some booty pics
Take some booty pics
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