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Body Shaming Lyrics

Lil B – Body Shaming Lyrics

I seen they was talking about you over there
And I'ma tell you personally I don't agree with it
All that body shaming and hating
There's no reason to bully people and make fun of folks
You know step back, man
Chill out man, I know the Basedgod

They say I gained a lot of weight
I'm not the same person that I used to be
They say I let the drugs get to me
They made fun of my physical physique
But I'm not gon' let them [?] me
And they don't talk about me spiritually
Or the way I helped the work to heal it
The shaming my insecurities
I don't want to conform
Be a sex symbol
This is real as it gets
Look God outside of that...
Can't remember... That
This is all facts
Making sense
They objectify me, I'm objectify them

Body shaming
It's body shaming
It's body shaming
Body shaming

[Verse 2]
This is all profit
Started thinking back, stopped working out
How can I forgive myself?
I can't forgive them
How can I live with the hand that I was dealt?
They body shaming me, me
Why are they body shaming me?
Why would they say all these mean things?
I guess life is full of mysteries
Sending letters to get well
Do I need water? I hide my guilt
Keep it real
I swear life like the nfl

Body shaming
It's body shaming
It's body shaming
It's body shaming

[Verse 3]
Would you say yes?
Would you say no?
Would you take that?
Or would earn it?
The way them flowers fly through the window, come on in
It gotta be life's turn
I gotta have kids and not worry about a widow
I gotta have kids and not thinking about would they love me and ditto
I feel like I was something that I was not, this is cool
I love myself
When I'm walking alone, I just hug myself
Lil B

Body shaming
Body shaming
It's body shaming
It's body shaming

You look great, you great
Don't worry 'bout what they say, they gon' hate
I seen them even talk about the Basedgod
It's all good, be yourself
Don't conform if you don't want to
Live your best life
I know the Basedgod, I know the Basedgod
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