Searching for, the smartest things
But not smart, the way you think
I cut out, for the bijou
Maybe stop, from hurting you

Woo ooo oo
Woo ooo oo
Woo ooo oo x2
Woo ooo oo

I can't blame the rotten things
On you now
I have to think
Temper's gone for many years
Why can't I get control of it?

I've watched and waited
All this goddamn time
But I can't figure
It out at all
Too many old time lies

Too many old time lies

I can't figure | woo ooo oo
It out at all out | woo ooo oo
I can't figure it x2 | woo ooo oo x2
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Sabine & Me Lyrics

Like Young – Sabine & Me Lyrics

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