send* corrections to the typist (Chorus

Repeat 2X) Two

lovers And

I'm ashamed Two

lovers and I love them both the same (Verse

1) You

know I got two lovers so just call me the mack As

I slang my dirt like this and like that Kickin

up dust from sun down to sun up Cause

for me and mine it ain't nuttin but a come up What's

goin round another sets out to get me Sweat

me In

other words wet me But

the homies from the hood they got my back Together

putting it wide cause it's like that One

for all and all for one Yo

there, ain't no sunshine where I'm from So

I live my life by putting in work Everyday

all day cause I got it that way Strivin

to survive to keep my family alive Cause

it's not goin to work with a 9 to 5 So

I live my life up under the covers And

they call me the man with two lovers (Chorus

Repeat 2X) (Verse

2) Well

I got two Not

one plus a daughter and a son I

live day by day troubles put me on the run I

stay so comployed to buy each kid a toy Plus

I pay the rent See

that's how my money's spent Now

as for my lovers I got it undercover Only

one fives and tens just to buy the milk and butter But

that's okay they don't know I got a bank roll Fatter

than the super bowl and still play the hero A

zero I'm not And

I got a lot of pride Brown

pride that is So

a few of you might not understand I

got the juice together of own brown clan So

I'm the man Who

keeps the life just to keep my family strugglin The

pot is hot and keeps on bubblin With

the lord next to me I'm no different from the others Except

two lovers (Chorus

Repeat 2X) (Verse

3) Now

I ve been there and done that Came

up like a fat rat Ain't

like they see me Can't

be that with a bat Cause

players only love you when they are playing And

if you are playing you know what I'm saying I'm

at the poin of no return So

take it from cause I ve already been burned And

now I'm singin that sad sad song of how I ved so fast and died so young (Verse

4) And

all good lies must come to an end If

you think this is right you better ask a friend Coming

from another side point of view I

can feel the heart beat So

can you feel it too Life?

in the hood shouldn't be like that It

gets kinda rough when you gotta use a gat In

fact when you have to live with some others Yo

I'm, talking bout two lovers (Chorus)
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