Stable eyes rest upon me in your glory,
I believe in fate of all the masses,
In lies, deceit, as truth surpasses.
To break a habit, to save a life,
These words are burdens to your ears.
Even though I know you're listening,
And I know that you can hear it,
Give it up before it all is all you are.

Save it for your last breath,
I'm calling for a chance that you will be saved.

Take your time as you find a way,
To prove the world that you are more than this.
Cause I've seen what you're really worth,
And this fire inside is burning out.
For a chance, for a second,
Step outside yourself and see.
There's more than meets the eye,
The only one who knows the truth is me.

And there is something to be said about the way you left,
This is abandonment at it's best,
And I'm not the only one whose suffering,
From this departure from yourself.
A cry for help, a cry to anyone who might be listening,
And I know that this is growing old (2x).
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Newport Lyrics

Life Between Sleep – Newport Lyrics