Read your history books, this was always by design,
It's part politics, and it's part cultural collapse,
I'm telling you that...

This is big news!
And I'm stuck to you
You got me feelin' alive

The air moves forwards,
The air moves backwards and up my spine (it's chilling)
And isn't it delightful?
Doesn't this border on divine?

It's got me feelin' alive!
I feel my temperature rise!
Until I'm hot...

(No more chopping their heads off)
(No more chopping their heads off)
And if I had eight lives... what's one more?
I'll make this a promise true,
I can change...

On the fly

This isn't circumstance,
This isn't rocket science,
This is no olive branch,
This isn't fighting the past,
This is a monarchy,
And it's cacaphony,
This is just making a case,
For what you wanna believe.

This is big news!
And I'm stuck to you!
You got me feelin' alive...
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King Henry VIII Lyrics

Lickpenny Loafer – King Henry VIII Lyrics