Time will matter when we are late
How long I've chased its bitter taste
It's not what I feel, just what they said
For one step closer to the flames

Is this the price I couldn't pay?
Is this the wall I'll rush against?
Everybody's flying away to nowhere fast
But I can't fly

As far as we can go
Shattered wings will never be unfold
Make me feel there's no other place I know
But here with you

It's your curse but the dirt's on me
Drag along with solemnity
Another day, another way
Another torment that never ends

A rotten core is from once I came
Try hard to avoid the face of shame
Are we nothing but pawns
In your own dreadful and sick game?

No, no longer had I fallen
No, until time can forget me
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Dragonfly Lyrics

Lich – Dragonfly Lyrics

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