It may appear as though the townies adore
But underneath, they're all chronically bored
And modern art doesn't sing anymore
It's against the law unless you keep it indoors
And I've been awfully naughty

I'm amazed at how dumb we've become
The animals graze and we kill them for fun
So damn the good and put an end to the when
Let's burn the knowledge we have and start the writing again
Cause I've been awfully naughty

The informations hard to ignore and
A weaker mind could probably care less
Their incrimination stands in the doorway
I hope to death they come out and play yeah

My greatest fear is that I'll cut to the core
But without a sheath I'm just swinging a sword
And bear your heart and they'll just bring you to court
Cause everybody crawls and then expects a reward
But I've been awfully naughty
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Awfully Naughty Lyrics

Librium – Awfully Naughty Lyrics