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Cheatin' Lyrics

Liberty City – Cheatin' Lyrics

Damn, there she go

Over at table eleven
Across the room from where I'm at
I see you sittin' with your lover
Fingers up and and down his back
Somethin' 'bout the way you touched him
And the way he made you smile
Tells me this has been goin' on
For at least a little while (baby)

And I wanna ask you
What's goin' on (What's goin' on)
And I wanna ask you
Why you doin' me wrong
But this ain't the right time
To make a scene, girl
Cos I'm out here cheatin' on you girl
Like you're cheatin' on me
Cause girl...

(Chorus) x2
I've been cheatin' on you
You cheatin' on me
Cheatin' are we
And you've been cheatin' on me
Now what you gonna do?
What's it gonna be?

When you turned around and saw me
And when your eyes met mine
We both wished that we were somewhere else
But we had no place to hide (no place to hide)
If someone told me this can happen (no, no)
I would never believe
Got more chance to be a millionaire
If I'm playin' lottery
And the guy you've been creepin' with
Is part of my crew (is part of my crew)
And the girl you see me with
Girl you know her too

Chorus x2

When I was stickin' out the back with the plan (with the plan)
You were stickin' out the front with the man (don't you know)
Baby what goes around (what goes around)
It surely comes back around

When I was stickin' out the back with the plan (you were)
You were stickin' out the front with the man
Baby what goes around
Its sure come back around

Chorus until fade
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