We're just two lazy frogs, laying on a lazy log,
You might think, we look the same but we're not the same,
We're not the same at all

Cause I'm green,
And I'm blue
I don't like pizza,
But I do
I don't like monkeys,
I really like monkeys
I don't watch T.V,
Hey, let's watch some T.V

We're both frogs, but we're not the same
We like different things, and that's ok
Don't judge a, book by it's cover
We're different from each other
Different, but it's ok

Cause I'm a Virgo
I'm a Pisces (Uh-huh)
I hop wherever I go
I ride a bicyc(le)
I like eating bugs
I like fruit
I drink coffee from a mug
I play the flute

(Plays flute)

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Two Frogs Lyrics

Liam Lynch – Two Frogs Lyrics