I go hard on the beat like a hard nigga dick spit it so quick make your ass get sick chemical equation gone and balance it quick pop my g-string and spank me real quick might be quiet but get deadly so quick hypnotize your ass make you disappear quick excuse me chick that's a new chandelier nope I really don't have any fear eat this pussy like a stream of cream shoot you with a 9 till you say please I'm still on the scene ask me do I care I make my middle finger sing love is a fantasy wake up it's reality open up your eyes before I turn you blind quick all I rap about is killing these chicks killing these beats lol bitch stunning on these chicks teaching them tricks Ha Ha bitch* you're a hood rat chick no I'm nikki spit the sickest s*** with it I run it then rerun it I run it like I'm running s*** this s*** so hard have these fake ass rappers rapping it shh do you hear that I'm so quiet you can't even repeat that it's so offical you can't retrace the signal hit you so hard give you paralyzed bruises you linebacker wounded sideline bruises don't underestimate my game cause you'll be quick to loose it man I don't think twice blow your brains about my pussy yelp it's all about my stand ask masean who that be idc about the nigg enough about that time to go out fishing psychotic lil chick got a straight jacket witness better ask whitney change the game plans quickly up on your front porch their to blow your brains swiftly like a magic trick disappear real quickly hables mucho si shutup real quickly spit so hard have your lame ass flinching
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Go Hard On The Beat Lyrics

LGK – Go Hard On The Beat Lyrics

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