What a mysterious war we are fighting for!
We're blindly pursuing some suicidal score
On the edge of an imminent Apocalypse.

In our veins flows the dark blood of destruction
Gripped by insane leaders till our race extinction
When will resound the bell of the final eclipse.

Our hands will tear our entrails to pieces
On the orders of entities whose cold faces
Plunged our selfish minds in a lethal hypnosis.

The day will come when those illusory masters
Burnt by the fire of their absurd desires
Will perish in the storm of their atrocities.

Then from their black ashes will rise a new ideal
A different and stronger soul, neither flesh nor steel,
Another life, sprang from a dead and hostile land.

Indefinitely... Till the end.
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Endless End Lyrics

Lex Talionis – Endless End Lyrics