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Favorite Lyrics

Lex Land – Favorite Lyrics

It's almost as though
The minute I forget your name,
You call me on the phone
And I have to stutter through
Another pointless conversation with you.
And then when it ends, silence ensues,
'Cause neither of us knows, what more to say or do.
Will you never be real with me again,
Now that we have to just go on pretendin' that we're friends?

Said I was your Favorite,
And that of all loves, ours would surely make it.
That I was your Favorite
Lover, have you gone now and found another?

Lately I've been tryin' hard to just get by, you know,
Doin' what I've got to do to get you off my mind.
Don't feel too much anymore, but isn't that what s** is for?
Lose myself in fighting all the heartbreak that's in store.
And when the morning comes, and your arms are empty,
And sunlight's crashing on your sheets,
Are you reminded of me?
Or do you wake to face the day
Without a second glance
At where your loving lady used to lay?

Said you were my Favorite,
And that of all loves, ours would surely make it.
That you were my Favorite
Lover. Did you appreciate it?

So I press my ear near to your voice,
'Cause it's as close as I can get.
You ask me if I'm seeing anyone
And I tell you that "I'm not ready yet."
And for all the times I cried,
There must have been once that you dried my eyes.
I miss how we used to play.
I miss hearing you say,

That I'm your Favorite of all your loves,
And that ours is gonna be the one that makes it.
That I'm your Favorite
Lover, and that there could never be another.
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