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Outta Control Lyrics

LeToya Luckett – Outta Control Lyrics

You... know... I... got
A little something for ya
You... know... I... got
The type of goods you can't say no to and
Can you hold onto and
Boy with this song blazin
You can go out of control

1st Verse:
Oh oh
Here's a little something that I got for you
Hope it ain't too much for you
Cause it's something just for you boy
And we ain't gotta a hour before I go
But don't take that overboard (unh unh)
You might not wanna move too slow oh

Hook (ad-libs in parenthesis):
Now it's the infamous T (oh ho)
And you can't touch me (oh no)
Unless you ready to be
With your girl, girl (oooh yeah)*end hook*

So don't you act like you confused
About the stranger out for you
You just do what I do boy


2nd Verse (ad-libs in parenthesis):
Boy won't you tell me
Tell me sugar why you got me waiting here
I thought I said I had to be somewhere
You could be playing but I think you're scared of me (oh no... don't be scared)
And now these hour and 30 minutes baby
Are just enough to drive you crazy
Think I'ma leave it to you
Make it do what it do fa sho (fa sho)

Hook (ad-libs):
That's me
Mmm mm
Boy youuuuu

And... you... know... (I got it) I... got
The type just to make you want you a little bit
Let me know, baby boy, if you feeling it uh huh
(Boy you)

Chorus (ad-libs):
I got it
Boy youu
I got it
Something for you
Can you hold on
Can go out of control
Oh ohhhhhhh
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