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Love Rollercoaster Lyrics

LeToya Luckett – Love Rollercoaster Lyrics

Oh oh yeah oh

Tell her wit me it like a ride uh uh a ride
But when the ride is moving keep yeah hands inside
At first I take yeah low then I can take you high
Take you twice around the world baby I make you fly
Make you fly keep you laced Christian Louboutin
This roller coaster ride she want to do it again
But she cant cause she know I'm in love with the doe
Plus the ride that she's on is to emotional
I'm to stuck in my ways for us to play how we play
At first you begging to leave then you begging to stay
Same shit different day I'm like please civil play
You can lead if you may but then I hear you say

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
I'm so tired of playing love roller coaster with you
Cause my heart cant take this drama you be putting me through
It goes up and down round and round
Round and round over and over again

I never said it would be easy peep the nigga you dealing wit
I be on my million shit she be on that ill and shit
Whether club or studio she want to know who I'm chilling with
Riding on that roller coaster none of us is feeling it
The notion got me feeling sick I don't want to lose this
Money or relationship please don't let me choose this
Shes on a constant mood switch but I say theirs no right or wrong
She swears that shes right I'm wrong shes always trying to prove shit
I be on that cool shit she be on that bull shit
She says that I love her but don't love her like my music
Why do you think I do this to keep you in that new shit
Keep yo hands inside of the ride when its moving

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
And I said I know it well
I know it well

This feeling that I'm going through
You got me caught up and I'm so confused
And everything I thought that we had was true
But now I'm seeing a whole different side of you
You got me going up and down and round and round
I'm going up and down and round round
Going up and down and round and round
And round and round we go

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
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