There is a cold lake in my head
And eyes are watching into darkness,
Where grey stones
Gives birth to a dream
Dream of everlasting rain.

The sky filled with the grey slumber
And clouds coverd the sun.
Cold wind is rushing upon the Earth
Bringing depression into the heart.

My longing heart was
Filled with tears of sky
The hope about warm sun
Was washed away with cold rain.

I hear noise of the rain,
And tears are dropping on me.
I know, this is the end to hopes,
Warmth and life.

I'd better fall asleep with everlasting dream.
And I'd be closed from everything.
I'd better stay here, in the darkness
Than there, where people and sun are.
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Dream About Everlasting Rain Lyrics

Lethargia – Dream About Everlasting Rain Lyrics

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