These boys don't no what there doin
Makin big hits... And they're screwin
Lethal bizzle records yer man I just flew in, I mite get the new adidas new shoe en... Yer... You alldon't no what I'm doin
If I put one, then yer I put 2 in, if you gota plan yer then I will ruin it,
Lethal bizzle records yer that's doin it

No. You can't wear my tee, metal fire camp now back where you been? But you must be me, you smokin green, fire camp bout as strong as teeth yer yer yer yer... And you all no that we're doin it, fire camp bow down yer we're doin it... Lethal bizzle record doin it yerrr... We're doin it

Could you bring it the fire camp? No
Could he bring it to the fire camp? No
Could they bring it to the fire camp? No No No No No x2
You wanna bring ur mortar you bring ur grandmother x 2
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Fire-Camp No Lyrics

Lethal Bizzle – Fire-Camp No Lyrics