God is missing
Two fingers
And won't say
How it happened
Smoke curls above like the hair of
The most beautiful ghost I've never seen
Smell paint burning, dead fish warming
Misfiring my wiring
Garrotte copper
Wire wrapped tight
Bent in two
In pain
A fly carves lines around her a
Slot car spinning out of control
In arabic polygonal circuits
With the trigger down
Today is another day that i'll forget
Walk around in a daze again
Drinking from the neck of the wolf
And dream twitching of safety
I awake
When the earth heaves
Crudely nailed
In assent
And she brings me the things I need
A stack of books up to the sky
Walks blinking blind into the dark
Demanding to medicate me
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Don't Fear Me Lyrics

Less – Don't Fear Me Lyrics