The crowd drifts away
The music's beginning to fade
The last notes have been played
As we drift out of sight

From a young girl selling a rose
Where the neon lights' flicker were closed
On a street where nobody goes
When they turn out the lights

Oh, but you and I
Well, our future looks bright
But for now, goodnight
It won't be long

There's something inside us so strong
And we both know we belong
And we'll hold on tight

Like a child with a big balloon
Like the earth holds on to the moon
Like Eve on a hot afternoon taking a bite

And if you don't go now we just might
So for now, goodnight
Sweet dreams, sweet dreams
Is that the time?

Just one more glass of wine
And I probably will make you mine
But it wouldn't be right
One day our flame will ignite
But for now, goodnight
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Goodnight Lyrics

Leslie Mendelson – Goodnight Lyrics

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