Do you know
The singer-witch
The one who made
A heart of iron melt?
The one who transformed
Her torturer,
The Great Inquisitor,
Who opened up his heart to her?

You could find her in the forest
On full moon nights
Where she gave
Incredible parties
And all naked, she sings.

And when it starts,
It starts,
The whole forest begins to speak.
Born in trance
Because of her mother,
The witch knew
How to rise,
How to pray, how to heal,
(How to poison)
How to sing,
And how to dance.

He came in the region,
The Inquisitor,
He was a passionate man,
The Inquisitor,
Who wanted to save mankind,
Poor sinners!
From eternal damnation,
So watch out!

They came to take her by night
The dragged her by the hair
To the torture chamber.

Ah, her first cry
Woke his ear up
And the witch began to act,
And she did it,
She cast a spell on herself
And began to sing,
The tortured.

She was beautiful
And of a milky white
You could see that
She loved to be in love
And her long hair
Was like a blanket
No more than a veil
Dirty now.

- Ah, you're killing me!
- Save your soul!
- Ah, you're committing a crime!
- Poor woman!
- Through my voice beauty itself sings!
- You're bewitched, through your mouth
The devil himself is giving birth,
And you would like me to touch you,
Anyway you're doing everything to please me,
And one could say that you know your ways...
- No! It's just the air vibrating,
But you're shivering!
- Ah! How free you are!
And how hot you are!

The Great Inquisitor
Felt his heart beat,
The Great Inquisitor
Felt his heart melt.
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La Sorcière Et L'inquisiteur Lyrics

Les Rita Mitsouko РLa Sorci̬re Et L'inquisiteur Lyrics