You may see horses try to fly
A dog with periwinkle eyes
But peppered earth with chucks of sky
Now there's a sight we're seeing

When sot gets moist with dewy flow
The fungus spores they start to show
And if you're sharp and in the dough
You may spy a different being

Mushroom men

I lean my head on window pane
And stare right down at through the rain
And though the dims an awful strain
I think I seen a mushroom man(2x)

Mushroom men

Balitas, Balitas
I'm lookin' for malitas(3x)
Don't touch the Amanitas
Look out for Amanitas

Mushroom men

Be it seven suns or seven trout
They came to see with throbbing doubt
The fungi as they pranced about
The Mu-Mu-Mushroom men

Now when mersidon'ts and dosidon'ts
And jackal ope eat bacon
It's time to get your glasses checked
'Cause surely you're mistaken
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Mushroom Men Lyrics

Les Claypool – Mushroom Men Lyrics