Verse 1:

Can you see, e-e ee
You’re the only one I’ll ever need
I say, “Hey! ” Can I stay?
I’ll be right here for you... Ev’ry day.
I’ll take you to a place where the rain don’t fall,
I’ll make you feel special, and that’s not all.
So why don’t ya stop... While you’re ahead
And paint my kisses red

Chorus (x2):

Be my valentine

Verse 2:

Did you hear, I’m your teddy bear?
I’m soft and warm
And I’m furry right there.
I say, “Yo! ” Here we go;
I’ll pick you up, if you’re feelin’ low.
I should be the one to keep you warm at night,
I should be the one, make everything alright.
Sometimes in love, we just get stuck
So, baby just give me a hug.
[Be my valentine! ]


You and I together? It could be bliss.
Baby, all I want is a kiss;
[Be my valentine]

End chorus (the guys):

Oo baby, be my valentine
Sweet baby be the love of mine
Oo baby, be my valentine, yeah, yeah
Sweet baby be my love
[Be my valentine]
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Be My Valentine Lyrics

Leroi Fox – Be My Valentine Lyrics

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