Verse 1
What is thy name that you’d call me the Lord?
My name is Legion for many are we
The man was too weak and was bound up in chains
But we broke the chains and set him free
He is not free till thy presence is gone
Flee to the swine of the gorge that is nigh
Do what you will but let this man alone
Fall to your deaths from the mountains on high

Chorus 1
Mighty brigade demons within
Ghastly and dark as a crow
Soldiers are made, armed with their sin
March through the cold winter snow

Verse 2
Spreading their wings they reveal in the night
Terror and anguish we cannot conceive
But many have power to vanquish the sight
Warriors created from those who believe

Chorus 2
Darkness and light, spirits collide
Men having power to choose
Which side to fight with nowhere to hide
Knows who will win who will lose

Legions storming for your soul
Flee from evil, take control

Verse 3
Millions of demons are ready to fly
Drawing you near like a moth to the flame
But their appearance deceives human eye
They quiver when they hear Christ’s wonderful name

Chorus 3
Unsheathe their knife and blood thirsty sword
Satan their king wears his grin
Draining your life, cursing their Lord, mocking what they had once been.
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Legions Lyrics

Leocoria – Legions Lyrics

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