You should never be forgiven
If you, yourself cannot learn to forgive
I have saturated you with my apology
Yet you, you offer me no redemption
Even after the miraculous second chance
You were granted by the one who loves you most
You're so quick to consider our friendship forever closed
You, you offer me no redemption (x4)
Because my opinion was unsolicited
My assumption was not generous
Misery is such a stale artform
Happy endings are only premature
It's obvious I was a cure for insipidity
I stupidly thought differently
You don't miss the feelings for me that you used to have
Because you can't miss what you never had
Hating me is such a clever strategy
For his trust to be a certainty
I'm not asking you to betray your indifference
I just want to be your friend, again
And I know your boyfriend wants me dead
Because of the mischief that occurred in my bed
Oh, oh, I wish that you missed me
I'm not asking for your love
Just more paint on my pinky
And a little trivia
Oh, oh, I wish that you missed me
You, you offer me no redemption
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Bookworm Lyrics

Lemuria – Bookworm Lyrics