Airport torture. Patience! Wait! The
Tannoy shouts you've just arrived and fingers
Tap and eyes are strained - they wander through
The queue for recognition. Soon we'll be together - sharing
Secrets. Share a scarf...... And share a little heaven. Again. ...
Kisses over breakfast. Touching souls and swapping wishes.
The coffee's cold - you washed the dishes - shared a cigarette
And time to go. We took the train - still clutching.
We smiled as others looked away.... Then looked again...
Hands across the table - tasting tears and linking
Fingers. Case is packed but we'll still linger 'til
Our time is up. Soon we'll just be swapping letters,
Crying down the telephone. We'll wish away the seconds
'til the story starts again...............
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The Lovers (part One) Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – The Lovers (part One) Lyrics