All wired up with no-one to kick but myself in a cell and an ape with a
Stick who's bigger than me and complains that he's sick of my story.
They spy on me. They spike my tea... Deny my pleas for a shower, a shave.
I'm a shambles, a slave. They're digging my grave. There's no name on...
The blame's on. I'm guilty.
Guilty man's got loaded dice. Guilty man can't pay the price. Guilty
Man, he's got no friends. Guilty man, it never ever ends.
But the voice in the wall says it's in my head yet there's bars on the
Windows. I'm tied to the bed. When the clock hammers 12 on All Sufferer's
Night, hungry deathbirds from Hell have a feast on my eyes. I roll
Boulders up mountains. I hang on a cross - the original sinner, I'm
Counting the cost. Come on, bill me! I'm guilty.
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Guilty Man Lyrics

Legendary Pink Dots – Guilty Man Lyrics