If you want a way to perdition
There's a place called blindland
Fears from the past burning the sky
Ancient tales trapping thir bodie
A hell infront of you eyes
Madness reigns in their empty minds

Not so far from our lifes
An incredible demolution
A single day of a single year
A simple place of a placid town
So many innocent died
In life rights prostitution
Defeated father defeated family
Against terror against wall

Evil prayers
Pure slayers

Blind eyes don't wanna see
This chaotic situation
Broken life broken minds
Fucked people fucked society
Some corruts politicians
Laughing at the explotation
Manipulation distrotion
Primal words of society

Victim of orphaned children
They cannot feel alone
We will try to stop this sadness
Calling the black storm
Bloody congratulations
Between some fucking bastards
The guilty of terror madness
Calling the black storm

Bloody dreams from here to eternity
Terrible visions of misery
Too much we cannot pay the price
But there's some reason for hope
Now for you and me
The town is from ous side
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Calling The Black Storm Lyrics

Legen Beltza – Calling The Black Storm Lyrics

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