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I Used To Hate Asparagus Lyrics

Legacy – I Used To Hate Asparagus Lyrics

My minds dangerous, try tamin' it, it's no changin' it
I labeled it, maybe crazy either that or plagerist,
Cause all these crazy people I've been lately hangin out with,
Got me pickin' up they habits, when I'm around it,
Stuff that I wouldn't even be down with, stuff that'll make em think I need counseling.
Hatin' what they do, so they get you to do it too
Because it makes' em feel better about themselves
When they see they ain't the only ones drownin'
That's why you gotta be a leader, for me to feed em, I keep a nina,
Ion really keep a nina, just always wanted to say it‘cause I do freestyles when I'm playin'
If I did gangsta rap I'd probably be amazing ‘cause
I'm already better than J-Cole
All that gun punch line, should I bet that go
But I'm real so I gotta stick to what I know
Like five shots every bar like LMFAO
Punchline loss you I bet you feeling stupid clearly,
Don't trip you only hit it if you get music theory,
If she hard choose to marry, I don't like her super hairy,
Get rid of the bush like how I feel to lose to carry
Think I'm bipolar never know what my mood can vary, Cali. And Nevada two stages that I choose to carry,. Used to live in Vegas from nine to fourteen.
Shout out the homie busy, came through and smoked trees.
Find out he used to ball at the park at desert breeze,
Trip because I did too was prolly on the same team,
Crazy how the world spins and we shuffle around it,
Then look down at the ground all like
How'd I get here, I was just there
It's weird how much yo life could change in a year
Like I used to hate asparagus now I like it more then what my parents did.
Where you are today got nothing to do what you get uh,
The jerk movement change everything
Help the kids not gang bang yeah
First started rapping stay hatin'
Then every rapper in the game changed
You know we started this internet marketin' hard to get, makin platinum hits in the apartment shit.
Then lining D. O. A exposed to lay ‘cause
How you gone hate then hop on a train bruh,
Thought I wouldn't catch that, nigga I ain't stupid
First you make the blue print, now you takin' blue prints,
You stayin' relevant all for copying bruh,
Eff Homage you need to pay homage to us
God is my plug, so I don't trip, ‘cause I know I'm gone shine.
Only bunrt bridges ‘cause I don't need a co-sign,
Built a new school they took pride and admit it,
You lead the new school I moved out of the district.
I ain't got enough views to be talking
But we bleed the same blood as the dudes leaving comments.
And this is not a diss, this is not for sales,
This is real how you're helping if you're bragging bout yourself,
Huge platforms, you still don't say shit, Kids getting killed a love song won't change it.
And I ain't sayin that you whack
I'm just sayin that you could help a little more from where you at
Real talk.. Or not(x3)

I used to hare asparugus when I was young,
Then I got it taste for it as I grew up
Just because it's bad now, that don't mean you should front.
I went from broke to a millionaire in less than a month.. And so can you........
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