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L.O.C. Intro (B.D.C.) Lyrics

Leftover Crack – L.O.C. Intro (B.D.C.) Lyrics

[Stza:] "Remember this one?"

(Homo-Apathy begins)

[???:] "No Scotty, not that again."

[Dave Dictor:] "Hey there Stz!"

[Stza:] "Dictor! I'm glad you could make it. What's going on?"

[Dictor:] "Not a hell of a lot. What's on you mind?"

"Well Dave, according to my most recent calculations
And factoring in all the ignorant sycophant cop-callers;
There are an excess of a billion police in this world. "

[Dictor:] "Jesus-fuck! That's a lot of pigs."

"Don't I know it. So, shouldn't we rally folks against this
Insidious disease? "

[Dictor:] "Yes. And I propose we start with a name change."

[Stza:] "Ok, well let's drink to it."

[Dictor:] "To the good, the bad, and the Leftover Crack!"

[Stza:] "And to Billions of Dead Cops!"
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